Book Review: Bending Reality by Cory Cowley

When I opened Bending Reality by Cory Cowley, I was not sure what to expect. The cover of the book gives you heavy Clive Barker vibes, and the description of the book does as well. This book is brutal, poetic, and leaves you feeling like you are being covered in the proverbial slime and sulfur the book wants to expel.

This book is one of those that will stay with you even when you close your page to go on about your day, making you come back again and again to find the next demon, the next leap into the unknown. This book does need to come with trigger warning for those who are easily impacted. There are descriptive scenes of torture, self-inflicted acts, violent sexual encounters, and sexual thoughts of the main character, as well as abusive relationships and drug use. This is right on par with Barker, so if you love his books, or read to fill that perverse curiosity, this book is for you.


  • Language: 5 out of 5. I would not be able to share a picture of this book without multiple
    instances of strong language repeating on each page.
  • Sexual Content: 5 out of 5. There are scenes of forced sexual contact, fantasies, mentions of BDSM and more.
  • Violence: 5 out of 5. There are multiple instance of violence against others and self-mutilation.
  • Thematic Elements: 5 out of 5. As mentioned above, there are frightening and violent scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


I personally would recommend this book to others, because I love some dark and twisted stories. There are some scenes that make you uncomfortable, but that is the point of this story. If you had a choice to go back and change the past… would you? If power lay at your fingertips, would you change it all?

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Aarika Baxter is a full time operations manager for the Two Bluestockings. She spends most of her online hours advertising book reviewing services, then she fusses at Jayna and Chad because the business is moving too fast. She likes scary books, so if you have one, she would love to read it. Then she will tell Jayna and Chad about it to see if they'll have nightmares. She is a monster.


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